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What do you think about Bill Nye at the front of the government’s COVID-19 education campaigns? 

Schooling Anti-Maskers

Science guy, Bill Nye, is back in social media to educate people about the importance of wearing masks to combat COVID-19. 


I don’t know who needs to hear this but… #masks work. Wear one. Carry on… #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok

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Last week, he posted a video on TikTok complete with props to explain how masks work against COVID-19. 

First, he showed a map of the United States, where he compared areas where people wear masks against people who get sick because of COVID-19. Concluding, the “fewer the mask, the more the sick.”

He also shattered the perception that the virus travels through a mask’s fiber, saying viruses don’t travel by themselves. Instead, they “travel in little droplets of sit and snot.” 

He also added that the fibers in a mask act like a “tangle.” 

To demonstrate what he says, Nye used “spitballs” to act as the virus and a board with a lot of “tangles” on it. 

He dropped the spitballs on the board where they were immediately stopped by the “tangles.” 

Nye explains that the mask acts as a trap against the virus. 

The science guy ended his video telling anti-maskers who defend their freedom by not wearing masks that “rules still exist, even in free countries.” .

London anti-mask protesters

COVID-19 Cases in the US and Mask Wearing

The US has the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world and also the highest number of people who died from it. 

When people watch the news or even videos on social media, there are always a lot of anti-maskers who are stubborn to use masks. The reason? They don’t believe it works. However, recently, according to a National Geographic poll, more people now are using masks compared to before. This shift came after US President Donald Trump contracted the virus and got sent to the hospital.

Opinion: Bring Back Bill Nye to Educate People About COVID-19 and Masks

The increase in people wearing masks after Trump’s hospitalization just shows how important public figures are in promoting safety protocols.  

Although Trump did not promote the wearing of masks, he must have shown people how easy it is to get the virus when you’re not wearing masks. However, aside from a figure promoting it, it is also crucial that people understand why it is important. 

Bill Nye’s explanation of the importance of the mask is so on point, yet very simple, just like how he hosted his science show in the past. Maybe it is high time health agencies make use of him to educate more people about COVID-19. 


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