The family of the slain Black woman, Breonna Taylor, will get a “substantial” amount of financial settlement from the Louisville government, the Courier-Journal reported. 

The city will pay Taylor’s family the amount of $12 million settlement, Mayor Greg Fischer announced.

The amount is one of the highest in the United States, reports said.

The financial settlement is also bigger than the largest previous settlement for police misconduct in the city.

In 2012, the city paid $8.5 million to Edwin Chandler, the largest amount paid for police misconduct, reports said. 

Detective Mark Handy, the detective who sent Chandler to the prison committed perjury.

Chandler spent nine years in prison for a crime he did not commit, reports said. 

Aside from the settlement, the city vowed several policy changes in handling arrest warrants.

In April, Taylor’s mom, Tamika Palmer, filed a lawsuit against the Louisville police who shot her daughter. 

Since the filing of the lawsuit, one of the officers involved was fired from the service. 

However, none of the officers involved in the shooting were charged with a crime.

What Happened In March

In March of 2020, Louisville police officers entered Taylor’s apartment after getting a “no-knock” arrest warrant.

Taylor, an emergency medical technician was staying with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, when the incident occurred. 

According to Walker, he did not hear the police announce themselves and thought that they were intruders. 

The police shot Taylor multiple times, while Walker fired one shot hitting one police on the leg. 

Walker was charged for shooting the police, but it was later dropped. 

The police wrongfully shot Taylor, an emergency technician, after a “no-knock” warrant.

Taylor’s death added fuel to the people’s anger against police brutality against Black people during that time.

It also sparked protests, adding to the Black Lives Matter movement, calling for police accountability. 


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