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A college student said her college professor told her breastfeeding is not allowed during class, CNN reported. 

A professor from Fresno City College in California rejected Marcella Mares, a college student, and mother of a 10-month old girl’s request to breastfeed her child during class. 

The request came after her professor sent an email requiring students to turn on their cameras and mics during class.

According to a CBS13 report, the professor wanted to use for attendance purposes.

Because of the pandemic, most schools in the US opted to have their classes online. 

However, some professors have also shared their sentiments of feeling disheartened over blank and muted screens while teaching. 

Mares, after getting her professor’s instructions, emailed him back saying she can open her camera and mic during class. 

However, she also asked if she can turn off her camera when she breastfeeds her daughter. 

The professor rejected her request asking the mother to feed her child after class.

He added that the class is not the time for breastfeeding. 

Mares was “upset about it.”

According to her, she did not like it when the professor told her what she can and cannot do with her baby. 

“Especially in my own home” citing that everything people do is online now. 

To make things worse, her professor shared in class that someone emailed him about doing “inappropriate” things during class, shared Mares, per CNN.

It felt like the professor publicly “outed” her in front of the class.

Marcella feeds her child while she studies

Professor Apologized

Mares forwarded a complaint to her school and got an email from her professor, apologizing for his previous email. 

Her professor also specified that Mares can now breastfeed her baby “at any given time” in class.

However, due to reasons not connected to the incident, the mother of one eventually dropped her class, per CNN. 

California’s Law on Breastfeeding

California has a law about breastfeeding, which includes breastfeeding in public places, and even in schools. 

According to this law, lactating mothers who are also students are not subject to academic penalty while breastfeeding their children.

In addition, schools have to provide mothers a “reasonable amount of time” to breastfeed. 


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