Blackpink's Lisa and Jayden smith in circles

The famous Korean girl group, BLACKPINK, recently had an interview with American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel during Jimmy Kimmel Live.

BLACKPINK is composed of four members, Jennie, RoséJisoo, and Lisa. 

During the interview, Lisa, the group’s youngest member, told Kimmel she was excited to have met Karate Kid star, Jaden Smith, in last year’s Coachella. 

Lisa’s answer came after Kimmel asked BLACKPINK’s Thai member who among the celebrities in Coachella she was excited to see then. 

Being BLACKPINK’s rapper herself, Lisa also shared she was amazed to learn that Smith’s father, Will Smith, raps. 

Last year, the group made news after becoming the first Korean girl group on the famous music and arts festival. 

The group performed some of their chart-topping songs like Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, and Kill This Love at the Coachella.

Blackpink in an interview from Jimmy Kimmel's show

New Zealand born member, Rosé, shared that the group felt like Black and Pink, both represent the group. 

According to Rosé, the members are “very girly, but at the same time,” they’re also “very savage.”

The group’s main rapper, Jennie, explained to Kimmel the group came up with their fans’ name, Blink, the same time they came up with BLACKPINK.

The group debuted in Korea in 2016 with one of the group’s famous songs, Boombayah. 

Two years ago, the group’s lead single, Ddu-Du Ddu-du, entered the United Kingdom’s Official Trending Chart’s Top 20.

They came in 17th place

According to reports, they’re the first female Kpop group to make the UK’s Top 20 charts. 

In the same year, the group also became the highest-charting Korean female group in the US.

BLACKPINK landed on both Hot 100 and Billboard 200 charts.

The group’s single, Ddu-Du Ddu-Ddu, debuted on Hot 100’s chart at #55.

On the other hand, their EP Square Up is #40 on the Billboard 200. 


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