The #BlackoutTuesday hashtag dominated social media, as solidarity among musicians, actors, major museums, social media companies, and ordinary users prevailed last Tuesday, said The Guardian.

The protest movement was sparked by the death of George Floyd under police custody in Minneapolis.

Some even suspended online activity to show their support.

According to CNN, some refused to take part, calling the move, which started with the music industry, a “major label record executive white guilt day” and called for people to share anti-racist literature and films instead of remaining silent.

Among those who heed to the call were celebrities and musician Ariana Grande and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Ariana Grande, who has 189 million Instagram followers, posted a black square with links to Black Lives Matter accounts, with the caption: “Sending strength and if you are protesting today please be safe.”

Wrestler-turn-actor Dwayne Johnson, who has 185 million followers on Instagram, posted a black square with the hashtags #normalizeequality and #blackouttuesday.

CNN added that the museums and galleries including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Queens Museum in Brooklyn, postponed their online activities, while, on Monday, Tate posted a Chris Ofili painting in tribute to Stephen Lawrence with the caption: “Nobody should have to live in fear because of the color of their skin.”

For their part, TikTok said it was “standing in solidarity with the Black community and the music industry” by turning off its playlists to mark what it called “the extraordinary recurrence of injustice the Black community is experiencing in the long fight against inequality, racism, and violence”.

Meanwhile, MTV is planning to go silent for eight minutes – marking the length of time Floyd’s neck was knelt on.


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