The featured image is bikes. The reason is that the article focuses on the high demand, short in supply of bikes in San Diego.

The demand for bicycles is at an all-time high, said CBS8 report.

The report detailed the rise in demand for bicycles.

The image shows an increasing demand for bicycles during this time of pandemic.
High Demand of Bicycles

Among those interviewed is Louis Ibarra, owner of The Bike Shop at Del Sur and Poway Bikes.

Ibarra said:

“The last three to four months, we are seeing five times the normal volumes.”

“I think a lot of people have extra time right now, and people are looking to a social distance in creative ways.”

Multi-speed Bikes

What kind of bicycles is the public looking for?

Jeff Huey, the owner of Radd Action Sports in Mission Beach, claimed it as multi-speed bikes.

“I’m out of multi-speeds. I’m not able to get those until December,” he said.

The report added that people who would not have bought bicycles are buying them now.

“You can’t go into a Walmart right now to get a bike, they are sold out,” said Huey.

Radd Action Sports claimed they only had seven bikes in-store as of Thursday.

The reason was most suppliers were not prepared for the sudden surge in demand.

Huey added:

“That had something to do to the fact that there was a decline for five to seven years in the bike industry.”

“And when COVID struck and everyone was at home sheltered with their families and working remotely, people had to do something.”

Moreover, shop owners added that bike manufacturers did not anticipate the surge in demand.

Many bike stores have to special order everything and wait, they added.

A customer in line at The Bike Shop claimed:

“I tried to get a new bike as well, and they told me I’d have to preorder.”

“It would be at least September.” 

It’s A Bike Boom

It’s a booming bike business.

Ibarra mentioned, to keep up with the increased service level, he has hired new mechanics.

Due to the pandemic, what other people need is tune-ups.

“A lot of people are bringing in the bike that was hanging in a garage for the last 11 years that wasn’t touched,” said Ibarra.

It is not just bikes that are in high demand right now, said the report.

There is also a boom in anything that has to do outdoors, from skateboards to swimming pools.


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