Supporters of Democratic running mates, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, can now buy yard signs showing their support for the two in Animal Crossing: New Horizons starting Tuesday, The Verge reported.

This is a part of the Biden-Harris’ campaign to reach voters online for the November elections. 

According to Kayla Epstein, a reporter from Business Insider, the Biden campaign told her last week that they are “looking into” the game “as a way to meet college voters” in digital gathering spaces as COVID-19 “upends in-person registration.”

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

According to The Verge, players can choose from four Biden-Harris yard designs and download them to their islands. 

In the game, each player owns an island, which they can design and control the way they want. 

Biden’s campaign has been thinking of alternative ways to organize voters and widen its reach since the coronavirus outbreak. 

This is due to the dangers of spreading the virus if huge amounts of people stay in one place for a long time. 

The Biden-Harris campaign went for live-streamed events or interviews with social distancing, as per the Verge

The last Democratic National Convention, for example, was held online to follow safety measures. 

Many of its speakers and guests delivered their speeches via online platforms such as Zoom

Animal Crossing’s Good Timing With The Pandemic


The game, which was released almost the same time as the coronavirus outbreak in the US, became more popular due to its capacity to connect people, despite lockdowns and social distancing rules due to the pandemic. 

Some graduations, parties, and events were celebrated inside the game to maintain safety amid the coronavirus spread.

Aside from the more mundane events, protesters and movements have also made use of the game for online activism.

Some movements that made its way to the game are Black Lives Matter in the US and pro-democracy calls in Hong Kong.

Even AOC Plays Animal Crossing

The game is so popular among young people that even New York Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) plays the game.

AOC announced this fact last May and shared it on Twitter

At some point, she even visited other players’ islands and left them messages. 


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