Politician Makes Claims Against Black Celebrities

An independent candidate running for the November 2020 election posted in his Twitter account allegations about two famous Black artists, Beyoncé and Patti LaBelle.

K.W. Miller, American politician from Florida posted in his Twitter account claims about Beyoncé and Patti LaBelle, American artists.

In his post, Miller claims that Beyoncé is not a Black-American but an Italian, and Patti LaBelle is an Illuminati. 

Beyoncé Hides Secret Messages In Her Songs

Miller explained that Beyoncé being black is “all part of the Soros Deep State agenda for the Black Lives Matter movement”. 


Since the Black Lives Matter movement exploded, so are right-wing conspiracy theorists’ claims that George Soro, philanthropist is funding the movement. 

Miller also stated that one of Beyoncé’s song “Formation”, hides “secret coded message” to other “globalists”. 

Furthermore, Miller also calls Beyoncé a satanist.


Patti LaBelle Wants To Reinstate Obama

LaBelle was not able to escape the politician’s scrutiny of her songs. 

He claims that she’s an “Illuminati Globalist Puppet”.  

Miller also dissected LaBelle’s song, “Somebody Loves You Baby” and alleges that the singer was pledging her love, to something sinister. 


He also claims that she’s part of a secret plan to reinstate Barack Obama, former US President back into Presidency. 

Artists ‘With a Heart’

LaBelle, an R&B and soul singer supports various charities and foundations. 

She is greatly committed to issues on peace, education, healthcare, housing, employment and justice, as per Look to the Stars.

The singer was also honored in 2007 with an Excellence Media Award by GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). 

This is due to her participation in the fight against AIDS and work with lesbian and gay rights. 

Beyonce on the other hand was also involved with a lot of charity works. 

Beyonce donates to 37 charities, as per Look at the Stars, website.

Furthermore, she was also active in organizations that promote women empowerment and helps children.


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