The featured image is a Trump rally. The article is about the Beverly Hills rally attended by demonstrators carrying American flag and

On Saturday, hundreds of protesters marched from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills to join the Rescue America Rally, organized by the #WalkAway organization. 

Many of the protesters are carrying American flags and “Trump 2020” flags. 

Some protesters, on the other hand, are carrying small placards containing the hashtag #WalkAway, or wearing merchandise with “Keep America Great” printed on them. 

On the day of the event, some news outlets reported that Trump supporters joined the rally.  

However, #WalkAway founder, and known Trump supporter, Brandon Straka, claims that the event in Beverly Hills was not a Trump Rally.

Straka explained this when he replied to a tweet by CBS Los Angeles. 

In the tweet, he thanked CBS Los Angeles for covering the event and clarified that the event “was an anti-leftist Rally(sic).”

Earlier that day, Straka posted a video of the rally and tagged official Twitter accounts of US President Donald Trump, Fox News, and Lara Lea Trump. 

The Rescue America rally in Los Angeles is the 3rd outdoor event of the #WalkAway movement, said Straka. 

The event aims to show the “radical left” that “they do not own America,” Straka told Fox News LA. 

He also shared that the movement will keep on organizing rallies until the end of the year. 

American singer-songwriter Joy Villa and American actor Scott Baio joined the event.

Villa and Baio also delivered their speeches during the event. 

Beverly Hills Police described the event as a “peaceful protest” on its tweet. 

What is #WalkAway?

In an interview with Fox LA, Straka shared that, #WalkAway as a group began in 2018. 

It is a movement that is “walking away” from the Democratic Party, the “ideology of liberalism” and “liberal media,” said Straka. 

Lastly, according to him, the movement wanted to live in a country with “peace,” “civility,” “truthfulness,” and “kindness.”  


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