Since June 28th, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has urged the public to wear face masks as a precautionary measure to lessen the spread of COVID-19. 

Dr. Robert R. Redfield, CDC Director, said that even cloth face coverings are effective weapons against the disease. 

He further said that all Americans are responsible for their safety, their family, and the communities. Wearing a face mask helps lessen transmission.

In today’s CDC data, there are 4,649,102 active COVID-19 cases with 154,471 deaths across the United States.

Prevent Transmission

COVID-19 is spread through droplet transmission and can be prevented by wearing a face mask. 

According to CBS News, although face shields are more comfortable and are easier to maintain than face masks it does not provide protection against COVID-19. 

CBS cited an instance in Switzerland where hotel staff that only wore face shields, caught the virus, while those that wore face masks did not. A top doctor in that country warned that the use of face shields created a “false sense of security”

Unlike facemasks, face shields alone cannot prevent microscopic respiratory droplets from entering your system. 

A local hair salon in Missouri prevented the transmission of the virus by having their employees wear face masks.

Two of the salon’s hairstylists tested positive of the virus. They did contact tracing and found out that 84% of clients who came in close contact with the two did not develop any respiratory sickness after.

The spread of the virus was prevented because both stylists wore surgical masks when they interacted with their clients. 

The CDC still recommends mask-wearing as a primary tool to combat COVID-19 as well as maintaining at least 6 feet in distance, hand washing, and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces. 

One can use face shields as an added measure, but never as a mask replacement. Always wear a mask underneath it. 


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