BET founder criticized the people involved in taking down statues of long-dead people on Wednesday, according to a Fox News interview.

Robert Johnson, first Black Billionaire and founder of a cable channel, BET, have called protesters tearing down statues “borderline anarchists”. 

These people don’t have any real agenda besides destroying the statues, he said. For example, the actions will not “close the wealth gap” nor generate money for [black] children going to college. 

People assume that black people have been cheering the act, said Johnson. 

On the contrary, he said, in his opinion, Black people are actually laughing at white people pulling down the statues.  

He compared the act of tearing down statues to calls of canceling TV shows and movies tagged as racist. These actions do not help Black people, said Johnson. 

Johnson mocked the assumption of “white people” towards doing something “drastic” translating as love to the Black community. 

“Frankly, Black people don’t give a damn,” said Johnson. 


Johnson suggested that white America should respect black people’s opinions and listen to them. 

“White America” is still “incapable of recognizing” black people’s ideas on what’s best for them, said Johnson. 

He also mocked celebrities who have taken on Twitter and apologized for being white. Although no one hears anyone saying, “Oh, I’m sorry I’m black. 

Johnson advised white Americans to embrace being white, the same way Black Americans embrace being Black. 

Defacing Statues Amid BLM 

The death of George Floyd had sparked numerous protests across the world calling out racial discrimination against Black people. However, there is also a trend of taking down and vandalizing statues that have histories relating to slavery and oppression. 

In the United States, protesters pull down statues of Christopher Columbus and Confederate personalities. 

In the UK, people destroy statues of slavers. 

While many people cheered their actions, some people don’t agree with them. 

“If you remove the evidence, you remove the deed”, University Professor, Sir Geoff Palmer told Channel 4 News Interview

Another person said, that the statues “don’t represent the blacks”, they just represent the “hard times” back then. 


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