Beijing outbreaks with COVID-19. Authorities are downgrading the severity.

China’s capital, Beijing, is currently experiencing a resurgence of cases of the coronavirus, said CNN.

According to the report said there were reports of more than 180 infected people as of Friday.

This has placed Beijing under a partial lockdown, within a matter of days.

Beijing is a metropolis of more than 20 million people.

Gao Fu said, director of China’s Centers for CDC said the cases may had started earlier than expected.

“This outbreak in Beijing probably did not start in late May or early June, but probably a month earlier. There must have been a lot of asymptomatic or mild cases in (the market), that’s why the virus has been detected so much in the environment.”

-Gao Fu

The outbreak in Beijing will be the latest test of China’s coronavirus containment strategy, said CNN.

Is Beijing’s Outbreak Really Not That Severe?

However, on Thursday, Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at China’s CDC, declared that the outbreak in Beijing is already “under control.”

Wu said that it that there will be newly confirmed cases linked to the market emerging in the coming days. Though, it is not likely due to fresh transmission.

“Newly diagnosed cases reported every day does not equal new infections and the outbreak being under control doesn’t mean there will be zero new cases tomorrow,” Wu said.

But Wu downplayed the severity of the outbreak.

“There will be cases reported tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. These reported cases are the detection process of the previous infections. Not new infections. The new infections are only sporadic,” said Wu.

The chief epidemiologist even said that it was not unexpected to see a new outbreak in Beijing, given the large number of global new cases.

“As long as there are risks of imported cases, imported infections and small-scale clusters caused by imported infections might occur anywhere in China. From this point of view, (the Beijing outbreak) is normal,” he said.

Beijing Outbreaks With COVID-19

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World Health Organization (WHO) said the outbreak was most likely a European import, click here to read more.


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