The mysterious England –based street artist, Banksy has helped financed a pink and white rescue boat that has been recovering migrants in the rough waters of the Mediterranean, as per Euronews.

MV Louis Michel

The rescue ship has been named after the teacher and female French anarchist in the 19th-century, Louise Michel. 

The colorful boat shows some of Banksy’s most famed satirical graffiti, including a girl holding a heart-shaped safety buoy.

The vessel is described on its website as “is as agile as she is pink.”

And that the anonymous artist/activist Banksy bought it with the proceeds of his sold artwork.

Rescue Without Prejudice

The ship’s website said the vessel “is as agile as she is pink.”

Also, Banksy bought it with the earnings of his sold artwork and decorated it with a fire extinguisher.

MVLoiuseMichel sports the hashtag: #searcrescueisnotacrime and emphasizes that the former French Navy boat will answer to ALL those in distress.

On Thursday it rescued 89 people from a rubber boat after a distress call was sounded.

The refugees were from North Africa and were attempting to reach Europe, The Guardian reports.

The Bada*s German Captain

The MV LouiseMichel crew is composed of a team of European activists and seasoned rescuers.

Banksy emailed the human rights activist and German captain of the ship, Pia Klemp, according to the Guardian.

“Hello Pia, I’ve read about you” in the news,” Banksy wrote. 

You seem “like a bad*ss,” he added.

He introduced himself as a UK-based artist and he has “done some work about the migrant crisis.”

Banksy said that he “ can’t keep the money.”

He wants Kemp to use it to purchase “a new boat or something?” 

He ended with,” Please let me know. Well done. Banksy.”

Is This A Joke?

Klemp thought that Banksy was joking at first.

She thinks that Banksy chose her due to her political stance.

I don’t think “ sea rescue” is a “humanitarian” act, but it is a portion of an “anti-fascist fight,” Klemp told the Guardian.

She clarifies that Banksy is only involved financially.

He won’t pretend that “he knows better” how to run this boat, she said.

Also, my team and I “won’t pretend to be artists.”


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