At around 9:54 AM on Monday, a major natural gas explosion in Reisterstown Road, Baltimore left 1 person dead.

According to a CBS Baltimore report, the explosion was so intense that it shattered the doors and windows of at least 16 houses near the site.

Rescuers, with the help of search dogs, are digging through the rubble to look for other survivors.

The city fire officials said a woman died.

Five others were rushed to hospitals for treatment.

Some of them are critically injured.

This incident is “horrendous,” said Niles Ford, Baltimore fire chief.

Officials did not provide the survivors’ details.

However, witnesses heard children’s voices crying for help after the explosion.

Housing inspectors are on-site to assess the damage in the area, said city councilman Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer.

Schleifer added that there are reports of damage as far as five blocks from the blast.

All Hands on Deck

The American Red Cross is also around to help residents who were put out of their homes.

Some people in the neighborhood are handing out water and food.

Outside the Applebees in Reisterstown Plaza, a group is collecting donations: clothing, food, and other essentials. 

Also in the vicinity is Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE), they are turning off gas near the affected area. 

BGE’s crews are looking into the cause of the blast.

The homes were “pretty much crumbled”, hence the rescue operation is “labor-intensive” said spokeswoman Blair Adams of Baltimore Fire Department.

Police warned the people to stay out of the area due to the active gas leak.

Richard Yost of BGE said they are “working closely with the fire department.”  

Like A Forewarning On A 2019 Report

As per Baltimore Sun, natural gas has been increasingly leaking out of antiquated pipes in Baltimore recently.

This creates hazards of gas buildups that can lead to explosions.

In 2018, BGE reported 3600 gas leaks.


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