A series of earthquakes within two hours struck Baja California, on Monday morning. 

According to the USGS, the magnitude of those earthquakes ranged from magnitudes 2.7 to 4.5.

San Diegans reported that they felt tremors in different parts of the county. 

Baja California reported four quakes in within 30 minutes, near Maneadero, an NBC report said. 

Baja authorities’ immediate report shows no damages or casualties to the area. 

In April 2010, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake, the El Mayor-Cucapah also devastated Baja California.

Just like the recent series of earthquakes on Monday, the El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake was also felt in some parts of Southern California, Earth Data reported. 

However, because it was stronger in magnitude, the 2010 earthquake displaced more than 30,000 people from their residences and killed at least two people in Mexico, a 2010 NBC report said. 

After the El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake, scientists were able to discover a previously unidentified fault in the mountains of Cucapah. 

They later called the fault, the Indiviso Fault, after the Mexican town of El Indiviso.

People’s Reaction

The twitter hashtag, #Temblor Trended in Baja California’s trending list on Monday. 

However, a lot of residents in Baja who posted on their Twitter accounts seem unbothered by the earthquake. 

Some people reported that they were not able to feel the tremors of the earthquake, while other people resorted to creating memes. 

However, a lot of people were also worried that September is just around the corner, and will start in less than two weeks. 

One YouTuber posted in her Twitter account, “when you see that #temblor is trending, and you remember that September is nearing.” 

The tweet is about the 1985 and 2017 earthquake that had devastated the city of Mexico on September 19th. 


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