A portrait of adolf hitler next to an auctioneer's gavel

The Hermann Historica auction house sold Adolf Hitler’s handwritten speech notes before World War II, among other Nazi artifacts in Munich on Friday, according to an Independent report.

European Jewish Association: Indecent and Inhumane

On Tuesday, the distinguished European Jewish Association (EJA) based in Brussels declared the upcoming auction is alarming, per Associated Press(AP).

In particular, as there is a surge of anti-Semitism in Germany, the auction could kindle neo-Nazis.

Moreover, Rabbi Menachem Margolin of EJA said he could not even comprehend the auction house’s “sheer irresponsibility and insensitivity.”

The auction house is auctioning the “ramblings” of the world’s most abominable “killer of Jews” to the “bidder” willing to pay the highest sum. 

A pair of hands holding a barbed wire fence

The Central Council of Jews: The Artifacts Belong to Museums 

On Thursday, The Central Council of Jews ( CCJG) in Germany tried to dissuade the auction house from selling the relics.

The Jewish group fears that it would spur and stir Neo-Nazis, according to AP.

In fact, Dr.Josef Schuster, CCJG President, denounced the very idea of auctioning relics of Hitler, Hermann Göring, and Eva Braun.

He found them “scandalous” and repulsive.

These relics “belong in museums or archives,” he said. 

Furthermore, the Nazi artifacts should not be “sold for profit,” Schuster told national news agency DPA.

Hermann Historica: Business As Usual

Hermann Historica paid no heed to protests of the Jewish groups and even justified the sale of the Nazi memorabilia, per AP report.

US army medic, John K Lattimer previously owned the Nazi artifacts, the Guardian reported.

The managing director of Hermann Historica wants to make sure that the relics will not be destroyed, per AP.

The “right-wing Nazi apologists” will deny that Hitler did all those atrocities, said Bernard Pacher of the Hermann Historica.

Also, the relics should go to a “museum for experts to work on them,” Pacher added.  

Pacher is confident that right-wing extremists cannot purchase the speech notes due to its steep price.

The handwritten speech run from 2,500 euros to 7,500 euros ($3,000-8,800).

Let’s just hope the relics of the Nazi dictator, the worst stain on human history, was purchased by the right people, stay in museums and not in the hands of Hitler enthusiasts.


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