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Twitter removed a post written by White House’s top COVID-19 adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas, due to its potentially harmful content.

The tech company removed the content from its platform because Atlas’ post violated Twitter’s “COVID-19 Misleading Information Policy,” Twitter told the Hill. 

The policy “prohibits sharing false or misleading content” that are related to COVID-19 and “could lead to harm,” per Twitter.

In March, Twitter expanded its policy in addressing content “that goes directly against guidance on COVID-19 from authoritative sources of global and local public health information.” 

According to its blog post in May, the platform’s action against those posts will depend on their level of harm.

Twitter can label questionable posts with a warning and a link to a more reliable source.

It can also get removed from the platform. 

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What the President Says

Dr. Atlas shared on Sunday, “Masks work? NO” and identified countries and US locations with mask mandates but have high cases of COVID-19.

The doctor listed Los Angeles, Miami, and Alabama, France, the Philippines, and the UK. 

Later on, Atlas wrote another post following up on his first tweet.

It said, “the right policy is @realDonaldTrump guideline,” and went on to enumerate them. 

According to Scott, US President Donald Trump’s guidelines is to use masks “when close to others,” “otherwise, social distance,” and “#CommonSense.” 

White House’s top COVID-19 advisor is the former Stanford University Medical Center neuroradiology chief. 

He does not, however, have any expertise or delve in public health or infectious diseases. 

Dr. Atlas commented he does not “understand why Twitter deleted his post, per a Politico report. 

According to him, his tweet just wanted to show that “mask mandates do not work.”

Trump Administration on a Roll with Twitter

Atlas’ post removal is not the first time, Twitter flagged a COVID-19 related post from the Trump administration.

A few weeks ago, Twitter flagged the President’s tweet after claiming he’s now immune from COVID-19.

He also claims he cannot pass the coronavirus to anyone.

Trump had just recovered from COVID-19 then, per his doctors. 


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