A paint can beside the Anne Frank memorial

A memorial in Boise, Idaho, dedicated to Anne Frank, was defaced by unknown people on Tuesday. 

The event happened a few days before the Jewish celebration of Hannukah. 

The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights shared what happened on Facebook and included an image of the event. 

According to CNN, the Center, founded in 1996, had the goal of “constructing a memorial to human rights.”

In 2002, the Center opened the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. Moreover, the memorial is a reflection of Frank’s “faith in humanity.” 

Another defaced monument

We Are Everywhere

The Wassmuth Center shared an image of the event. The picture shows a statue of the Jewish girl, Frank, with a sticker showing a swastika and the words “we are everywhere.”

“I fear for what is happening to our community,” the caption from the Center says.

Moreover, the post, since Tuesday, has been shared a thousand times. 

Wassmuth Center’s executive director, Dan Prinzing, found the event miserable. 

According to him, it felt so sad because of the bold location of the vandalism and the message it brings. 

“I think what we’re seeing, we have to take seriously,” Prinzing said. Also, “Such acts aren’t just random,” he added, per the Associated Press. 

Not the First Time with the Memorial

The vandalism on Tuesday is not the first time it happened. In fact, a few years ago, someone had defaced the memorial with racial and anti-semitic slurs. The vandalism resulted in $20,000 damage to the memorial, the AP reported.

Although there’s no verdict yet on the investigation about the incident, it is obvious the event is a promotion of hate. 

Moreover, Boise police chief, Ryan Lee, shared the police department has already reached out to the Anti-Defamation League. The League is a Jewish international NGO that focuses on helping fight different types of hate.


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