Former national presidential contender and President of the National Action Party of Mexico, Ricardo Anaya Cortés recently announced his decision to return to public life after two years of just teaching, per Zeta Tijuana. 

In 2018, Anaya Cortés ran against then another contender, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) for the national presidential post.

Anaya Cortés came in second with more than 20% of people’s votes. 

AMLO won with Mexicans’ more than 50% vote. 

According to Anaya Cortés, after his loss in the elections, he decided to take a step back.

He said, he wanted to “give space to whoever won the election.”

However, AMLO’s rule has been accumulating problems but without solutions, Anaya Cortés said. 

The most appropriate thing to do is to be present, Anaya Cortés said in his recent video post on Facebook.

Despite the image of AMLO as honest, Anaya Cortés accused AMLO of corruption. 

According to Anaya Cortés, corruption is tolerated in the president’s “close circle.”

Anaya Cortés also criticized AMLO’s handling of the pandemic. 

It was a “disaster,” he said, citing AMLO’s claims that Mexico is doing well despite its high death rate due to the virus. 

Mexico is the 7th country in the world when it comes to the number of deaths due to COVID-19, per a Johns Hopkins University data. 

More Than 1,000 People Called For AMLO’s Resignation

The National Anti-AMLO Front set up a protest camp at a street in Mexico City over the weekend, Mexico News Daily reported. 

Protesters present called for AMLO’s resignation due to his management of the country’s health and economic crisis. 

According to protesters, AMLO’s government is “a failure” and accuses him of not governing “as he should be.” 

Juan Carlos Aguirre told El Universal that in terms of the economy the country is doing worse. 

Protesters include people from indigenous communities, professionals, and seniors, per Universal. 

Most of the tents of the participants were also decorated with images of the Virgin of Guadalupe. 


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