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The big tech company, Amazon, announced on Thursday that nearly 20,000 Amazon and Whole Foods employees have tested, “or presumed” positive for COVID-19

The company released comprehensive data on the spread of the virus in the workplace through a blog post.

According to the company’s blog post, the number of positive cases is 42% lower than what they have expected. 

In fact, the rate of those positive employees is the same with the general population, the tech company said.

The tech giant compared their COVID-19 data with the ones reported by Johns Hopkins University.

However, when the CNN business asked the company for a more comprehensive breakdown of Amazon’s and Whole Food’s employees’ case rates, the tech company declined.

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Amazon’s Lack of Care for Its Employees

The tech company known for analyzing big data to assist in its business and decision-making.

However, since the pandemic began, it has resisted pressure to publish data on the company’s COVID-19 situation. 

Its critics include its workers, the public, and even the government, per a CNN report. 

In fact, in May, Various Attorney Generals from different states sent Amazon and Whole Foods an inquiry letter.

The letter is on COVID-19 related issues for its employees’ leaves, and health and safety. 

Also, early this year, Amazon’s workers and other labor groups have organized strikes to protest against the company.

The reason? the company’s lack of care for its employees’ protection. 

Later on, those strikes resulted in the sacking of some workers, and the resignation of Amazon’s Vice President, Tim Bray. 

In May, one of Amazon’s top executives, Dave Clark told CBS in an interview that Amazon’s total cases “is not particularly useful.”

Instead, Amazon uses robocalls and texts to notify its workers it there are new confirmed cases, CBS News reported. 

However, workers don’t think it is useful enough as it does not tell which department or shift the infected worker belongs to. 


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