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More than 200 employees from Alphabet Inc. Google’s parent company, have joined the Alphabet Worker’s Union, reports said.

According to Axios, the Union is the most “high-profile” unionization effort from a tech company’s workers. Also, it has the largest number of members in the tech industry. 

The announcement came after years of protesting for change against the tech giant company. Alphabet has faced increasing employee dissatisfaction over its practices in the past years. Those practices include the following: 

  1. (Mis)handling of sexual harassment, 
  2. Providing artificial intelligence analysis of drone footage to the US government, and 
  3. Allegedly spying on its workers during protests and firing those employees as retaliation

What Workers Say

The Alphabet Worker’s Union also announced its unionization on Twitter and wrote a statement on its action. 

According to the workers’ statement, they have been “organizing for over a year.” 

Aside from enumerating the reasons stated above for employees’ dissatisfaction with Google and Alphabet Inc., workers still feel discrimination and harassment. 

Also, more than half are paid less and get few benefits despite doing the same things as other workers with the same exact work. 

The Alphabet Workers Union said that that kind of company is not the company they want to work for and asks for “respect” and “fair wage without fear of abuse or discrimination. 

On the same day, Google said in a statement that they have always worked towards the creation of a “supportive and rewarding workplace” for its employees, per CNET.

They also added that Google employees’ labor rights are protected and that they support it. 

An anti-google protest poster

The Happiest Place on Earth? 

Alphabet’s subsidiary, Google, has created a brand for itself as the happiest workplace in the world. In fact, CareerBliss, an online career community, validated this claim and ranked Google as the number one happiest company for employees. 

However, last month, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) shattered this image and filed a complaint against Google for breaking US labor laws. 

The complaint says Google violated the law after it spied against its workers and terminated some who protested against them. 


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