The featured image is a soldier facing the American flag. The reason is that the article is about Alexander Vindman, a soldier, defend America even in retirement.

Alexander Vindman, a veteran and former US Army officer, published an op-ed in the Washington Post. 

Vindman was a key witness during US President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial last year. 

According to Vindman, coming forward had “limited the progression” of his military career. 

Early this month, Vindman announced his retirement from the service. 

During his testimony against Trump, Vindman described Trump’s call to Ukraine to investigate Presidential aspirant Joe Biden as “inappropriate.”

Vindman, a Purple Heart recipient, was originally from the Soviet Union.

His family left their country when Vindman was still very young. 

A Vow to Protect His Country

Vindman is now a civilian, he announced in his op-ed. 

This is after actively serving for “21 years, six months and 10 days” in the military, he wrote. 

According to him, his decision to retire is due to Trump and his allies’ “campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation.”

“This experience has been painful,” wrote Vindman. 

However, “I am not alone in this ignominious fate,” he added. 

Vindman then went on and shared his worries about a greater threat looming over the nation. 

In the past years, the government shows more similarity to the “authoritarian regime” his family fled from decades ago, he wrote. 

According to him, citizens now are “being subjected” to similar attacks dictators use against people opposing them. 

The former Lt. Colonel stated that Trump “recklessly downplayed” the pandemic that has affected citizens all over the country. 

While millions of people grieve the “loss of loved ones” and “livelihoods”, Trump “publicly bemoans his approval ratings,” he wrote. 

Vindman who had been in the US Army for more than two decades, also vows to continuously defend his nation. 

“I will demand accountability of our leadership,” he wrote. 

“Call for leaders of moral courage and public servants of integrity,” he added. 

He also promises to continue advocating for “policies and strategies” that will protect the country from any kind of threat. 


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