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Can you differentiate an AI image from the real thing? 

Incognito cyber crooks launched a software that allows people to produce faux n*de photos of real women from a regular image, a cyber research agency said on Tuesday.

The cyber research agency has uncovered a growing community that has gone after at least 100,000 ladies, per Star News.

The software is available for free, but the photos bear a watermark, the report said.

Users, however, can pay around $1.5 to remove the logo or skip the processing queue, according to the report.

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Telegram App, the Hub of DeepFakes 

Researchers found that an AI on the Telegram app created “deepfake” nude women by grabbing their images from social media, per Independent.

Sensity, a deepfakes and “malicious visual media” specialist, has carried out an investigation.

Sensity, formerly known as DeepTrace, found that the altered images were circulated to other users on Telegram.

The deepfake detection company founded in 2018 showed its 12-page report to The Independent.

 Findings by Sensity, No Comment from Telegram 

In its report, Sensity assessed that some of the manipulated images shared were of seemingly “underage” targets, per Independent.

Researchers also uncovered that anyone can send the AI a photo through Telegram and receive a stark-naked one in minutes.

The primary targets, according to Sensity’s report, were women from Argentina, Italy, Russia, and the US.  

Moreover, Telegram bot’s users revealed that 63 % of them were eager “to undress” ladies they “know in real life,” per Sensity’s poll.

Sensity has disclosed the findings to Telegram.

However, Telegram so far has not responded. 

The Amsterdam-based cybersecurity company said it has also notified pertinent law enforcement agencies.  

Very Likely Russian Culprits are Behind All This 

Sensity highlighted that 70 % of users come from Pavel Durov’s, the Telegram app founder, home country, Russia.

Giorgio Patrini, the Sensity CEO said that “We” are confident that the AI creators are “very likely to be Russian native speakers.”

Also, due to the large presence of Russian “users” and the fact that “victims” are mostly “Russian nationals,” Star News reported.

This software has obviously dethroned Photoshop when it comes to digital graphics editing.

As if women need more on their already full plate in this digital age, these crooks have opened a floodgate of online s*xual abuse, public shaming, and extortion.


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