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After Releasing Evermore, Taylor Swift Says, She’s “Tired”

American singer, Taylor Swift, recently addressed a rumor about a possible third album during Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday. 

Swift has just released a second album this year, Evermore, less than six months after she released Folklore. 

Swift’s first album this year, Folklore, is the first album to have sold a million copies in the US in 2020. Aside from that, she also received a lot of nominations because of it, one of them, the Grammys. 

Surprise After Surprise

The Exile singer has been dropping surprise after surprise to fans since the quarantine. In July, fans were surprised when Swift first shared she’s releasing Folklore, an album she worked on while in isolation. In November, she surprised her fans again when she announced Disney Plus will stream an intimate concert showcasing Folklore’s behind the scenes. And last week, she released Evermore. 

Sorry, But No Surprise From Swift

Because of her continuous surprise, fans are always on the lookout for Swift’s next possible surprise.

Recently, fans notice something interesting in the artwork of Foklore’s album. Fans went wild thinking, the Cardigan singer may have a third surprise this year. 

Fans spotted the word “Woodvale” in the background of some of the album’s artwork. 

However, Swift immediately dispelled that rumor, saying there’s no third album coming soon.

During Jimmy Kimmel Live, Swift shared that it was a mistake. Before releasing Folklore, Swift shared, she made up a “fake code name that had the same amount of letters as Folklore,” per Glamour. It was a random name, Woodvale, that she put on the album covers. Later on, she decided she didn’t want to put a title on the album covers. However, the production team forgot to take the fake code name from the album. 

After being pressed about a third album in general, Swift answered, “Jimmy, I’m so tired, I’m so exhausted” and added she has nothing left. 



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