US tennis player Frances Tiafoe said the lack of diversity in his sport makes him feels like an “outsider.”

The 22-year old African-American told CNN Sports, that he always feels that there is a push back.

“I definitely feel that not everybody wants to see that success in me. I feel like I’m taking something from someone that may have liked to do that. I definitely felt that because ultimately, they don’t want us in power. I truly think that’s a thing,” said the current world No. 81.

He noted that he always felt “different.”

Tiafes added this lack of diversity in his sport is also felt by his girlfriend and tennis player Ayan Broomfield.

That is why they created a protest video .

The video aimed to raise awareness of racial injustices after the death of George Floyd sparked protests across the world.

They have collaborated with other black players and coaches for this awareness campaign.

They included Serena Williams and Gael Monfils in their video. They posted the “Racquets down, hands up” video to his social media on Twitter

“I think if more people who have weight, who have a big platform speak out, then I think change can happen and you can be optimistic,” he said.

“Obviously you see everything going on in America right now, I think it’s a good idea to come together right now and try to speak out,” he added.


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