Scott Atlas next to trump pointing his finger

US President Donald Trump’s special adviser for COVID-19, Dr. Scott Atlas, resigned from his post on Monday, Fox News reported. 

Fox reported the doctor is a Special Government Employee (SGE) with a 130-day detail expiring this week. 

Minimizing Harms From the Pandemic and Structural Policies

The news outlet published Atlas’ resignation letter dated December 1. 

In the letter, Atlas praised the Trump administration’s efforts against COVID-19. He also wished the president-elect, Joe Biden’s incoming administration, the best. 

Moreover, he thanked Trump for the “honor and privilege” of serving the American people. 

Trump’s adviser shared he had always depended on “the latest science and evidence” without considering politics for his advice. 

Also, he explained his advice is based on “the latest data around the world” focused on keeping down the harms of the pandemic. 

In August, when Atlas got his position as Trump’s adviser, the US reported nearly five million COVID-19 cases and more than 160,00 deaths. Fast forward to December, the US, as of writing, has around 13, 536, 217 COVID-19 cases, and 268,016 deaths.  

Scott Atlas speaks in a White House event

A Controversial Figure

Atlas’s more than three months stint as a White House adviser was marked with controversies due to his public stances on how to tackle the pandemic. 

For example, while the WHO and a lot of medical practitioners promote the wearing of masks to curb the virus, Atlas, as an adviser argues, masks are inessential.

In fact, in October, Twitter even removed his post after claiming mask mandates don’t work against COVID-19. 

Atlas, who is a neuroradiologist, also promoted herd immunity which would let the virus run its course of infecting the people. 

His pronouncements and pieces of advice are so controversial that his colleagues from Stanford. In fact, they even released a statement distancing themselves from his views. 

Atlas is a senior fellow at Stanford’s public think tank, the Hoover Institution. 

According to the statement, “Dr. Atlas’” views are “inconsistent with the university’s approach in response to the pandemic.” 

Stanford, according to the statement, promotes the use of masks, social distancing, and diagnostic testing. 


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