The attached image is a virtual learning set-up. The purpose is that an investigation is to be done due to a popping up of adult video in an online class.

Olympian High School and with the Sweetwater Union High School District officials are investigating reports of adult videos disrupting online classes.

A report from CBS8 said the video popped up while one of her teachers was giving a math lesson.

Moreover, an interviewed student said it then popped up again during another class.

Adding that the teacher rushed to shut the obscene video but is not sure who to go about it.

This prompted the teacher to ask the students to try to ignore the videos and listen to the math lesson.

San Diego Unified and Los Angeles Unified School Districts announced they will start “online” schooling on August 31st.

They made this announcement last month.

This is in contrast to the Trump administration’s wishes to hold classes in physical schools.

Other Distraction

The report added, X-rated videos have not been the only distraction.

Other classes are being interrupted during class by loud noises being blasted and by music.

These interruptions prevent students from hearing their teacher.

Increasing Security

The school district said they are working on the issue and will increase security to prevent this from happening again.

The district released a statement saying:

“Over the past couple of days, we have had some incidents reported to (the) administration of students not belonging to a class entering a Google Meet and creating disruptions.

“These are very unfortunate incidents and want to assure our community that we are taking this very seriously to ensure that this does not continue to happen.

 “While we are working to identify these individuals and address this conduct, we are also working as a district to evaluate our protocols to increase security.”

The principal’s office at Olympian High School said they are reminding teachers and students that they can take steps to ensure security.

These include steps such as not sharing access codes and removing students from online classes when a disruption occurs.


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