Two active fires are now ravaging the eastern part of Tijuana, authorities announced on Wednesday afternoon. 

Firefighters from Tijuana, Rosarito, SEDENA, and CONAFOR are now trying to contain the two active fires to avoid damaging two subdivisions near them, Natura and Puerta Plata, per Telemundo 20.  

On September 16th, a huge fire near the Natura subdivision created panic among the residents. 

The fire near the Natura subdivision has already consumed 80 hectares, the Tijuana Fire Department reported, per Telemundo 20. 

Tijuana Mayor Arturo González Cruz assured in a statement that they are already working with the Secretariat of National Defense and The National Forestry Commission.

They came to assist in preventing the spread of fire in the Natura subdivision.  

The organizations use extinguishing machines to clear up the flames and speed up the work on preventing further damage.

On the other hand, other teams are already responding to the fire in Puerta Plata, in Boulevard 2000. 

According to the city council of Tijuana, the fire in Puerta Plata started around 1 pm on Wednesday. 

In addition, it has already ravaged around 100 hectares of land. 

Fire authorities also reported that they have already contained 10% of the fire. 

The fire in eastern Tijuana injured three people, Twitter user Alejandra Guerra reported on Thursday. 

Moreover, the Red Cross Paramedics, with the help of firefighters have already transferred the injured to a hospital. 

Authorities Remind People To Stay Safe 

Authorities suspect extreme weather conditions such as the record-breaking heat caused the fires. 

Residents are discouraged from burning garbage and throwing cigarette butts in vacant lots as it might result in an emergency. 

They also remind people to stay inside their houses to avoid exposure from the smoke.  

In case of an emergency due to fire, people are instructed to call 911 and follow the instructions of the Fire Department and Civil Protection. 


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