A Tennessee County Might Take Back Lockdown Restrictions

Shelby County could go back to the phase one of its reopening program due to a recent spike on the number of people infected by the coronavirus, said an ABC News report. 

Tami Sawyer, Shelby County commissioner plans to request a return to phase one on Monday. 

This is after health officials’ report on the largest single-day increase of COVID-19 cases in the county. 

“The numbers we are seeing show we have moved too fast,” Sawyer told WATN. 

Sawyer emphasized on the urgency of the task and the importance of people over businesses. 

She said, “Back to business can’t be at the expense of people’s health.” 

The County is currently at its phase two of reopening. 

“If feasible, I will request that we make that call,” she told WATN, pertaining to going back to phase one. 

“If we aren’t returning to Phase 1, what additional policy and protections will the county put in place immediately and how can the commission support the crisis,” she said. 

Increasing Numbers

The Shelby County Health Department recorded 385 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday morning. The number is the highest they recorded since the start of the pandemic, said the ABC report. 

Shelby County’s confirmed case is about 22% of Tennessee’s total number of confirmed cases. 

Tennessee had started easing its coronavirus lockdown and restrictions back in April. However, several cities and Counties have reported increasing infection rate since then. 

Alisa Haushalter, director of Shelby County Health Department announced last week, that Shelby County was delaying the third and final phase of its reopening. This is due to the “upward trend” of new infections and rise in hospitalizations. 

“We all have our part to play to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our community,” said Haushalter in a June 15 press briefing. She added, that, moving into Phase 3 is not “prudent” because of current situations. 



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