An Amerian ex-pat wrote several negative reviews on different platforms like TripAdvisor after staying at a resort in Thailand, BBC reported.

Wesley Barnes, an American ex-pat in Thailand, spent his holiday at The Sea View Resort in Koh Chang Island.

Barnes purportedly accused The Sea View of “modern-day slavery.”

The hotel owner decided to sue because the scathing criticism by Barnes was untrue.

Furthermore, the American’s “unfair,” negative feedback is ruining the hotel’s reputation, Koh Chang police told AFP.

Unfriendly Personnel and Horrible Restaurant Manager

The above summarized Barne’s TripAdvisor review on the prominent review gateways.

He wrote that the staff was “unfriendly” and that “no one ever smiles.”

The staff “act like they don’t want” any guests there.

Barnes added, the “restaurant manager” who is from the “Czech Republic was the “worst” for he is “extremely rude” and impolite.”

He advised potential guests to “find another place” since there are “plenty” of others that have “nicer staff.”

Waived Corkage Fee Despite the Foul Language 

Tom Storup, replied to Barnes’ review in a post which was dated July 20 on TripAdvisor.

The rooms division manager “would like to shed some light on” Barne’s comments that “are far from the truth.”

Storup said BYOB “goes against our rules, as it does in any hotel or resort” he has “worked or visited” worldwide.

Barnes used “abusive language” to a hotel staff who explained the 500-baht ($16) corkage charge, Storup continued.

Storup explained that “The Food&Beverage Manager, to avoid further disturbance,” agreed to let Barnes “have that liquor.”

In addition, the F&B Manager even waived “the corkage fee.”

We Welcome Honest Reviews

The resort has “no problem with honest reviews.” 

In fact, there are a bunch of “ negative reviews” published, according to the resort’s statement.

However, it’s the “malicious” and defamatory ones that are problematic, the resort said in a statement, per the Guardian.

“We” opted to “file a complaint as a deterrent,” for he might “continue to write” slanderous “reviews.” 

Stringent Laws in the Land of Smiles 

The immigration police arrested Barnes and took his passport away.

Barnes is scheduled for a court hearing on October 6.

Defamation is a criminal offense in the country known for its tropical beaches and royal palaces.

It carries a maximum sentence of two years behind bars.

Furthermore, the guilty party will pay a fine of 200,000 baht ($6,300).

Corporations and influential individuals, unfortunately, often use defamation laws to deter critics’ reviews against them, per The Guardian.


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