A man wearing a Ku Klux Klan-style hood in an eastern San Diego County grocery last Saturday caused a firestorm of outrage over the web, said CBS8 news report.

This incident that happened in a branch in Vons store in Santee along Mission Gorge Road, where it had sparked an investigation by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

Witnesses said some people at the store and grocery employees repeatedly asked the man to remove his hood, but refused to do so, which lead to some appalled folks to post the incident in social media over the weekend.

This provoked Melissa Hill, a representative for Vons and Albertsons stores in Southern California, to issue a statement saying:

“Unfortunately, an alarming and isolated incident occurred at our Vons store in Santee, where a customer chose an inflammatory method of wearing a face covering. Needless to say, it was shocking. Several members of our team asked the customer to remove it, and all requests were ignored until the customer was in the checkout area. This was a disturbing incident for our associates and customers, and we are reviewing with our team how to best handle such inappropriate situations in the future.” 

“The images I’ve seen are abhorrent this blatant racism has no place in Santee or any part of San Diego County. It is not who we are. It is not what we stand for and can’t be tolerated.”

Meanwhile, Santee Mayor John Minto provided his own statement about the matter:

“There was an incident in Santee on Saturday where citizens photographed a male wearing attire that depicted a symbol of hatred.  The citizens and Vons employees took steps to address the situation.  Many thanks to all who stepped forward to curtail this sad reminder of intolerance. Santee, its leaders, and I will not tolerate such behavior.  Santee and its citizens are great, and this particular individual’s actions are not representative of us as a people and a wonderful city.”


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