The La Mesa Town hall will be holding an evening event to review and address the events that had happened on May 30th in La Mesa, CA. 

The event is the City Council’s way of understanding what happened a few months ago in La Mesa, and how a peaceful protest on racial injustice became a violent confrontation between civilians and law enforcement entities. 

According to CBS8, a local news reporter, people can attend the event online to follow social distancing guidelines. 

Moreover, La Mesa residents, especially those involved on the day, will be able to share what they think happened on that date, for example, the rights and wrongs of the event. 

A Short Recap Of The May 30th Event

On May 30th, people took to the streets of La Mesa to protest about the racial injustice George Floyd experienced in the hands of a Minneapolis officer.

According to police reports, released in June, it all started peacefully in the afternoon of May 30th. 

However, later that day, the events turned to worse as “a group of protests on the freeway began getting more aggressive,” the report said. 

A lot of protesters also got injured in the later altercation that happened between the police and the demonstrators. 

Law enforcement tried to disperse the crowd by using tear gas, pepper balls, and beanbag rounds. 

Unknown people looted businesses during the event and set buildings on fire. 

Hiring External Investigators To Look Into The Event

The La Mesa City Council will also hire external investigators to look into La Mesa’s May 30th incident as part of its “After Action Report,” as stated in the City Council’s Thursday program. 

Hillar Heintze, LLC, a security risk management firm based in Chicago, will look into the cause of the civil disorder that happened on that day. 

“We need to figure out what went wrong,” said City Councilwoman Kristine Alessio as per the San Diego Union-Tribune

Maybe La Mesa residents want to know why the event “get so out of hand” and want to know “who is to blame,” she added.


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