The featured image is Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively. The purpose is that during an interview Reynolds expressed his regret for holding his wedding at a former plantation.

In an August 4 interview with Fast Company, Ryan Reynolds acknowledged that he and his wife Blake Lively have regretted having their wedding at the Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. 

He further lamented that it was a giant f******* mistake. 

The plantation released a statement through Fox News Thursday.

The management said that it would love to listen to their clients for any issues that they may have.

They would like to work to provide solutions for their clients. 

What Are “Plantation Weddings” And Why Is It Regrettable To Have Had One?

“What we saw at the time was a wedding venue on Pinterest. What we saw after was a place built upon devastating tragedy,” said Reynolds. 

The 330-year-old plantation used slave labor for its operation during the antebellum era

The property does not hide this fact, and even offer historical and educational tours on the colonial rule and the enslavement of Black people. 

Groups have raised their concern that the plight of enslaved people is overlooked when the venue is used for events such as a wedding.

Last year, Color of Change, a progressive nonprofit civil rights advocacy organization through their vice president, Arisha Hatch wrote FOX about the romanticism of such places. 

Plantations are tangible reminders of human rights abuses and should not be marketed as “romantic places to marry,” said Hatch. 

“It’s impossible to reconcile,” Reynolds said.

The actor admits that they just saw the place as a nice venue.

The fact that it was “built upon devastating tragedy” came as an afterthought. 

He said that it was something that they will “always be deeply and unreservedly sorry for.”

In 2019, major wedding publications such have acknowledged their role in romanticizing such places and have opted not to feature plantation wedding articles. 

In addition to that, Pinterest the photo-sharing platform that Reynolds referred to also ceased to feature plantation weddings.


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