The image is Cardi B. The reason is that her daughter received an expensive birthday gift on her 2nd.

People found it appalling that Kiari Kendrell Cephus, aka Offset of the trio Migos gave his daughter a lavish gift, as per Complex article. 

“Late is Better then (sic) Never I Birkin my Baby,” 

Sometime this week, he shared a video clip on IG the unboxing of his present with the above caption.

The belated birthday present is a much sought after Birkin bag estimated to be worth $8,000. 

USA Today shows the father rapper on an IG video clip with his daughter, Kulture Cephus clothed in a costume of a pink fairy holding the Birkin for a few seconds. 

She then dropped it back in the box hilariously.

People Have Mixed Reactions wrote that upon learning this, many people are quick to berate the rapper for his extravagant gesture. They pointed out that the Hermes bag costs more than the monthly rent of most people.

Others made a joke out of the toddler’s reaction to the luxury bag.

One twitter user, @_ashXbash, posted :

“Offset bought Kulture a Birkin and she looked at him like okay but where are the toys…”

Another twitter user @dell_amber wrote in a post: 

“This little girl just wanted a LOL surprise doll, not a Birkin”

Cardi B is quick to reply with a video of Kulture’s dollhouses.

“Girl, she got the whole LOL target section,” Cardi B tweeted

As Usual, Fans Are Quick To Jump To The Rappers’ Defense

User  @ChynnaTown11 wrote on Twitter: 

If the celebrity parents are out, and they look good, then their child “should also look nice.” You don’t want your kids dressed looking like “ragamuffins in worn-out outfits with stains”

At the same time, “you’re out here in designer clothes.” Your child deserves (sic) the best too. PERIOD

The Mother’s Riposte

INSIDER reported Cardi B responding to the criticisms on Twitter and Instagram through a video: 

When famous personalities “buy their kids jewelry and designer s–t “people would often react: Children couldn’t “ care” less about those things. They only live for “toys and candy.’ 

While Cardi B agrees that kids “only care about toys and candy” however, They “go outside”, too. Kids go to “restaurants, to fancy places.” Children of celebrities “ go do red carpets,” she said. 

Cardi B continued, If we let the “ kids” decide, they’d be out “in diapers.”

The rapper also said that she would also be slammed if her daughter dressed like a “bumbum” while she looks like “expensive b–ch.”


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