More than 800 Asian-Americans in California have experienced “incidents of discrimination and harassment” for the last three months, said Stop AAPI Hate.

The group published a report on July highlighting the incidents of discrimination against Asian-Americans during the pandemic. 

The report findings include, “81 incidents of assault and 64 potential civil rights violation”.

Fueled By Political Speech?

According to the report, the harassment experienced by Asian-Americans in California were also fueled more by US President Donald Trump. 

For example, Trump has been using the term “Kung-Flu” frequently during his speeches and rallies. 

He also made comments using China as a ‘scapegoat’ for the US’ failure to manage the coronavirus. 

Actions to Lessen Racism

It is not enough to “condemn racist rhetoric”, said Cynthia Choi, Co-Executive Director of Chinese for Affirmative Action.

“We must take bold action today to address attacks,” wherever it might happen, she added.


Stop AAPI Hate has been pushing the state of California to create a “Racial Bias Strike Team” since April, they said.

The team will be in charge of further investigating the rampant issue of COVID-19 related hate against Asian-Americans in California.  

However, the state rejected the call.

Furthermore, the organization has presented California Governor Gavin Newsom, “clear and effective tactics” to fight discrimination. 

“Asian Americans need to see concrete actions,” said Manjusha Kulkari, executive Director of Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council.

The group is also ready to “work with the state” to ensure Asian-Americans “can live free from racial discrimination”. 

Reports Of Discrimination And Harassment

In June, a video of an Asian-American being harassed while she was exercising in a park in Torrance, California became viral. 

“The viral video of racism in Torrance is one example of hundreds,” said San Francisco Sate University Chair, Russel Jeung. 

“A man kicked my dog,” said a report from Sta. Clara. 

The man also spat at the reporter and said, “take your disease that’s ruining our country and go home.”

In San Francisco, someone threw a bottle at an Asian-American woman while she was with her baby. 

The attackers also shouted, “Go home, chink,” at her.

“Without government accountability,” Asian-American harassment and racism will become “deeply entrenched” and can impact everyone in the country, Jeung said,


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