The featured image are group of protesters who march for Breonna Taylor.

After marching through Louisville’s Nulu district on Friday, 76 protesters were arrested by Metro Police Officers, said a WDRB report. 

“We’ve never seen such a mass amount of people getting arrested,” Iris Butler, a protester told WHAS11. 

The protesters calling for justice on the death of Breonna Taylor were peaceful, said the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD), as per WDRB.

However, they were blocking off Market Street and were involved in misconduct., said the LMPD. 

“It was an innocent protest,” said Butler.

According to the police, protesters were breaking the law by putting up barrels and blocking an area for the demonstration. 

Other protesters were also throwing plastic bottles at the officers, the police told WHAS-TV. 

What Happened to Breonna Taylor

On March 13, Taylor, aged 26 and a paramedic was shot by plainclothes officers inside her apartment. 

The event happened after midnight when officers raid her apartment with a no-knock warrant for a drug case. 

The event pushed the Louisville Council to pass an ordinance in June, banning no-knock warrants in the locality.

The investigation on Breonna’s death is still ongoing, said an MSN report. 

It is also led by the FBI and the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office. 

Moreover, none of the officers involved were charged or have been arrested, said MSN. 

However, an officer was terminated last month due to its relation to the case. 

Louiseville Mayor Notes Changes to the Police System

On Thursday, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said in his briefing that he is “incredibly frustrated” with the investigation’s pace. 

“Breonna’s tragic death is an open wound for Breonna’s family,” and the “entire city,” said Fischer.

Fischer also added that the investigation is now turned over to the attorney general, Daniel Cameron’s office.

However, he does not have any “control or influence” over the case’s process. 

The Louisville Mayor also noted crucial changes to the system following Taylor’s death.

Some of these changes are the following:

  1. Signing Breonna’s Law
  2. “Installing new leadership at LMPD”
  3. Review of LMPD “to improve public safety.”


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