Being secluded for weeks could really start being a little too monotonous. But what if it is just you and your partner? And all you do at home is binge-watching and eating a lot of snacks. This will get you bored at some point.  

So to have something to look forward to each day of the week, we will give you some ideas how to spice things up. Just remember to set a fixed time for these, so you have something you can get excited about as the day goes by.

Sunday–Eat breakfast meal all day. Why not eat all your breakfast meals in the morning, lunch, and supper time? We recently publish a Breakfast Meal Plan. You can check it out if you need some help or get some idea of what you can eat.

Monday–Make virgin drinks. Who said it has to be an alcoholic drink to have fun?  Virgin drinks or mocktails will do the trick. These are cocktails without the liquor, using sodas, infused waters, and juices. You can make a mojito, pina colada, Shirley temple, whatever you want.

Tuesday–Read romantic or inspirational quotations to each other. What else can kindle back your relationship than reading to each other those notes that you exchanged then. If that was not your thing, it is not too late to get into it. Search the internet for either or inspirations quotes and take turns reading it to the other.

Wednesday–Massage each other. Whenever your eyes met and there is really nothing much to do on this day, take a seat, face each other, and start rubbing each other’s feet. Then eventually some will start to massage the other then vice-versa. All it takes is give and take.

Thursday– Decorate the house with DIY projects. How can you miss this chance? All you have both is time to do nothing much, this is the perfect time to execute those do-it-yourself projects you always wanted to do. Paint all those picture frames black against that white wall; fix something broken in your house that is always been there at the garage since forever, or you do you.

Friday—Do random stuff. Speaking of: you do you. Set a day to do some just random stuff you always wanted to do together, make sure to ask consent. We will not be responsible for any injury, misgivings, or hospitalization. Whatever you both decided you do, don’t post it online. Not all would understand. Keep to yourselves.

Saturday–Make or update relationship goals together. Every relationship is unique. All have a different set of an idea of how you want to do with their life. It is best to have goals and set them together. Remember: talk about it even if one of you feels awkward about it.

CoronaVirus lockdown or not, these are some of the things you can reimagine, replace, or repeat under any circumstances.   


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