A french police line on the gutter

Once again, a supposed terrorist attack in France has shaken the country to its core. The attack took place on the morning of 10/29/2020 in a Catholic church in Nice, France, just after morning mass.

The 3 victims were attacked and killed by a man with a knife with one of the victims being “virtually beheaded”. The victim’s ages ranged between 44 and 60 years old.

This is the second “extremist islamic attack” this month in France. The first takes place at the beginning of October. Samuel Paty, a teacher in the North-West of the country, was beheaded by extremists. He allegedly showed some pupils a controversial cartoon in which the Prophet Mohammed was depicted.

A man has been detained by French authorities after being shot. He was identified as Brahim Aioussao from Tunisia.

The French authorities are back on high alert. This is the first time to happen again since the Charlie Hebdo attacks back in 2015.

France has seen several attacks by Muslim extremists over the past 5 years and I find myself asking, why? It seems that the treatment and attitude towards Muslims in the country have changed. As the President of the country, Emmanuel Macron gets ready to pass new laws, which in effect, allow authorities to monitor those who follow Islam, I don’t think it’s hard to see where at least some of the tension is coming from.

Emmanuel Macron in one of the crime scenes

In the end, it seems that it’s a question of ‘a battle of ignorant intolerance’. Although hate crimes in France are relatively low, one must question whether it’s worth someone dying, just for the sake of a joke, or a cartoon, or whatever reason. We know that most radicals of any kind aren’t a happy go lucky bunch, so why through gas on the fire? Do I believe the agitator’s death was justified? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Personally, I think the murder of anyone, particularly in the name of a fictional character, is wrong, without justification. I just want us to understand the ‘mindset of an extremist’.

I’ve gone off-topic. I don’t want to go on too long this time out of respect for the victims and their families. I think we all have some self-reflection to do when it comes to our own prejudices.


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