The San Diego County Public Defender’s Office recognized twenty-five remarkable young San Diegans for their remarkable contributions in different and outstanding “non-traditional categories” and accomplishments, the County News Center reported. 

San Diego’s The Most Remarkable Teen Program, through the County’s Public Defender Youth Council, interviewed and chose twenty-five teens among one hundred and fifty nominees, between the ages 13-19 years old.

Last year, there were more than two hundred nominees. 

According to Public Defender Randy Mize, these young people “are ready to fight fiercely for change” in the world. 

Moreover, these teens consisting of Generation Z are “involved, informed and globally connected,” said Mize. 

The twenty categories used for the chosen youths are youth activism, community service, social conscience, filmmaking, citizenship, courage to overcome diversity, social justice, performing arts, most enterprising, campus leadership, innovation, journalism, commitment to personal excellence, entrepreneur, dance, perseverance, robotics, civic engagement, photography, leadership, music, courage to overcome family situation, personal determination, most promising teen, and, the public defender’s Award for Excellence. 

Individuals who were chosen as remarkable teens earned themselves packages consisting of, a trophy, a personalized yard sign, and personal commendations delivered to their houses, as per the news center. 

All nominated individuals also got a personal commendation from local San Diego officials such as Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, and a Certificate of Recognition.

The twenty-five teens were supposed to receive their awards on May 8th at the Neil Morgan Auditorium of the San Diego Central Library. 

Who Reviewed The Nominations?

The Public Defender Youth Council and the San Diego County Public Defender advisors, including Mize interviewed and reviewed the nominees through online video conferencing due to COVID-19 safety concerns. 

The San Diego Youth Council is a group of high school students partnering with the Public Defenders Office to encourage and implement youth civic action in San Diego.


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