2 States Decline

Two US States were able to lower their coronavirus cases as compared to last week, said a CNN report. 

Connecticut and Rhode Island reported a decline in their cases from last week. In contrast to the increase in other 36 US states, which includes Florida

Furthermore, experts already issued a warning as Florida could be the “next epicenter for infections”. 

Florida reported 9,585 cases on Saturday alone, a new record high rivaling New York’s cases in April.

Though alarming, Governor Ron DeSantis said that the surge is the result of a “test dump”.  

Still, officials in Florida and other parts of the US warned of an increase in cases among younger people. 

As of June 28th, US now has more than 2.5 Million coronavirus cases and 125,538 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. 

Mask Requirements Across the US

With the rise of coronavirus cases in the US, some states have already made it mandatory to wear masks. 

18 states, which includes Connecticut and Rhode Island, have already required their citizens to wear masks in public, said Masks4all.  

Other states only require them in certain situations. 

However, 4 states don’t have any mask requirements at all. 


Coronavirus Threat to Young People

Officials across the US have warned of an increase in the cases of younger people. 

In fact, there’s been an increase of infected individuals in the younger groups in California, said California Governor, Gavin Newsom. 

Young people have more sense of invincibility, said Newsom. However, that mindset can also be selfish.

In Florida, there is an increase in the number of infected people in their early 30s. 

DeSantis cautioned the younger group to be more alert. Though they might not be at risk of developing serious complications, they can still pass it to more vulnerable groups. He added that the state’s community transmission, “is being driven by that 18 to 35-year-old group.”


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