It was supposed to save lives but it brought peril instead.

Russian authorities suspended the use of some Russian-made medical ventilators after two fatal hospital fires reportedly involved said machines.

This is a setback to Russia’s fight against the novel coronavirus, said Reuters citing TASS news agency.

Five people died after the first fire at Saint George’s Hospital in St Petersburg and another person was killed in a blaze at a hospital in Moscow last Saturday.

In both cases, the fire was caused by a faulty Aventa-M ventilators.

Authorities have procured hundreds of Aventa-Ms to help hospitals cope with coronavirus patients, said the report.

Russia now has the second-highest infections in the world after the United States.

To date, Russia has 242,271 total coronavirus cases.

Moscow has the most number of cases totaling to 126,004 and 1,232 deaths. It is followed by Moscow Oblast with 23,662 cases and 226 deceased, then, St. Petersburg with its 8,485 cases and 63 bereavements.

Russia sent a batch of the same ventilators to the United States in early April, but according to reports, U.S. officials said the machines were not needed in the end.

Roszdravnadzor, the state healthcare regulator, said in a statement it was suspending the use in Russia of all such machines made after April 1.


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