The featured image is a person with a gun. Along with him are persons in the incident.

Authorities reported at least 15 people injured after the mass shooting that took place in Chicago City’s South Side, said an NPR report.

One of the victims remains in “extremely critical condition,” and another is in critical condition, police said.

Chicago Police are investigating the incident.

The violence exploded outside a funeral home in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood,  said the report.

Authorities said mourners had gathered for a large funeral.

They found roughly 60 shell casings at the scene.

How It Happened

Police said, around 6:30 p.m. local time, a black Chevrolet Malibu sped down West 79th St.

Occupants of the vehicle started spraying bullets at people gathered at the Rhodes Funeral Services.

First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter of the Chicago Police Department said:

“At that time, the attendees of the funeral exchanged gunfire with the black vehicle.”

After driving past the funeral home, the vehicle made a right turn onto Carpenter St. which is a narrow one-way street.

In addition, Carter said people in the vehicle continued to fire at funeral attendees, before crashing halfway down the block.

“The occupants of the vehicle then exited in multiple directions and fled,” he said.

Carter added that detectives interviewed “a person of interest” about the shooting.

However, as of Wednesday morning, that person’s status remains.

The Condemnation

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot condemned what she called a “horrific mass shooting,” and echoed the request for help from the local community.

Lightfoot said:

“When a person picks up a gun, we suffer as a city,”

“This cannot be who we are.”

Chicago is one of several U.S. cities whose mayors currently in dispute with the Trump administration.

This is over the deployment of federal law enforcement agents.

The Justice Department claimed the plan is meant to reduce violent crime. But critics call it a political machination by a president who wants to bolster his “law and order” credentials ahead of the November election.


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