15 Feared Dead After Flood

Authorities suspect that there are around 15 people dead after the flooding in Kyushu, Japan.

This is after an unusual downpour of rain triggered floods and landslides in the region, said The Japan Times report. 

In addition, nine people were still missing. 

The rain was so harsh that the authorities called the assistance of the Self-Defense Force.

“At one point in the morning, 13 people were unaccounted for,” said Naosaka Miyahara, a local disaster management officer.

However, “figures are changing as we are still struggling to sort out the situation.”

Around 203,200 residents or 92,200 households in two of Kyushu’s prefecture evacuated from their houses. 

In Kuma, Kumamoto, a nursing home called Senjeun experienced flooding after a nearby river overflowed. 

Officials found 14 residents in a “cardiopulmonary arrest” state inside the nursing home.

The authorities also found another person in the same state in Tsunagi, Kumamoto. 

Prior to an official notice of death, it is normal in Japan to describe accident victims in a “cardiopulmonary arrest” state, said Times.

There were also reports of people missing in the town of Ashikita in Kumamoto.

This is after embankments along the river failed to work. 


Authorities’ Response

Japan’s Meteorological Agency issued Alert Level 5 in the region for flooding and landslides.

So far, it is the highest alert level, the agency issued in the region. 

By noon, the agency downgraded it to level 3. 

However, an official issued a warning of a possible flooding of the Kuma River for at least six hours. 

Japan Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, assured the people that the government will work together with the local governments. 

The government will assist in assessing the damages and help in its recovery, “while putting lives as their highest priority.” 

Abe also instructed the people to be more vigilant and do whatever action is necessary to protect themselves. 

“There’s a possibility that heavy rain will continuously fall on the Kyushu region through (Sunday),” Abe said.

“So we must maintain our vigilance at the highest level.” 

Furthermore, Abe instructed 10,000 SDFs to prepare for deployment. 

Abe also reminded the people in charge to take the “novel coronavirus infectious prevention measures into consideration.” 

Governor Satoshi Mitazono of Kagoshima said that he had ordered municipalities to administer social distancing in evacuation sites. 

He also reminded the evacuees to wear their masks.


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