We will all be fundamentally changed one way or the other by the coronavirus pandemic.

Nothing will ever be the same. There will be no going back to the way we used to.

This event will change our lives, whether it be just a little or drastic alteration, it will forever impact our lifestyle.

Since the pandemic is very much still hanging above us, here are some predictions of what we would likely to develop in the aftermath of coronavirus:

Acquire some degree of OCDDeveloping some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) particularly in our cleaning routine could very much happen.  We are told to the best way to combat this virus is to wash our hands as often as possible. Plus cleaning surfaces that we often touch are also recommended. With scientists and experts warning us that this could be very well part of our daily lives moving forward, keeping everything tidy is necessary.  

Channeling in the inner prepper in you. Acquiring skills that will keep us alive, whether it could be big or small will most likely happen, like hoarding for instance. Preppers have always warned that one of the three “E” will inevitably materialize. They say either of these is bound to happen: economic collapse, ecological disaster, or epidemic. It is into a matter of if any of this will happen it a question of when. In our current case, it’s a pandemic rather than an epidemic which is much worst. Knowing any of these three will happen, it is better that we prepare for the future. Having a prepper mindset will help.  

Being an MRE enthusiast. Now that we are all sheltered in and the media often compared this pandemic to like being in an actual war, it will be better that we get familiar with Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MRE), which is the food consumed by soldiers in conflict zones. Before the pandemic, YouTube has a decent about of videos reviewing MREs from different parts of the world. Reviewers seem to like it, that is food for thought for you.

Mastering three-ingredient meals. Evidently, this pandemic has exposed how vulnerable our supply chain is. And going back to YouTube, there are many “how-to” videos to stretch our limited resources. So clever three-ingredient-meals sprung like mushrooms. You got your dalgona coffee, crème brûlée, chicken teriyaki, fluffy omelet, mac and cheese, and many others.  It is fun doing it, we go fond of it and this can be done over and over, again and again.

Online shopping. Here’s something the girls do even before the pandemic. All it takes is your credit or debit card a good internet connection and world-wide-web is your market place. With its infrastructure beefed up due to the contagion, expect a more robust online shopping from hereon.

EDC savvy. Everybody takes for granted the stuff that we carry every single day before this global crisis. But with the looming reemergence of this coronavirus in the future, it will be safe to assume that we will have either a hand sanitizer, some sort of face cover, and to some extreme extent a portable disinfectant or even a disposable hand glove. And this will be part of our everyday carry (EDC) from now on.

We all have a hobby. Learned something new? I bet you do, what else will keep our minds off from being bored? Chances are you got a hobby by now. And whatever it is it kept you sane all this time keep doing it. Whatever kept you busy and indoors is a positive thing to develop.

Movie buff. Pretty sure you watch more than a dozen of movies by now. You may probably have seen more than your average filmmaking students by now. Don’t say you failed to see “The Godfather” trilogy or any Akira Kurosawa movies? Go watch it, it’s never too late. 

Fake news detective. Even Twitter is into this. Just recently, the social media giant made a landmark decision to fact check no less than US President Donald Trump. This is regarding the President’s tweet about the possible voter-fraud in November, but Twitter begged to differ. This is a reminder that no everything posted online is reliable, we must take everything with a grain of salt.

Appreciating the unwitting front-liners. Do you ever encounter any servicemen, at random? You see them and you instantly say: Thank you for your service! Well after this crisis, or even as it still raging on now, we will never see the mailman, restaurant staff, garbage collectors, medical personnel the same way again. They are the one that makes our everyday life easier and bearable. Because of that, we ought to say: Thank you for your sacrifice


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